The Korean Institute of Minnesota (KIM) has been in existence since 1975. It is one of the oldest Korean educational organizations in the nation. The origins of KIM came from the needs of Korean American immigrants. In the early 1970's an influx of Korean immigrants settled in Minnesota. Many came for educational and professional development. The overall population of Asian communities was small at this time, and the Korean community established KIM to preserve Korean culture and language for future generations.

At the same time population (The estimated figures for the number of Korean immigrants and their children in Minnesota is presently around 11,000) grew there were many Minnesota families who embraced Korean adoptions. (The estimated figures for the number of Korean adopted children in Minnesota is presently around 15,000). These families were also actively seeking resources to give there ethnically Korean children a place to learn about their birthplace. They sought out the Korean community to help bridge this gap.

Presently, the KIM rents space from the Korean Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn Center. The students range in age from preschool children to school age youth to adult learners. KIM also supports and teaches a Monday evening class to school age youth and adult learners who cannot come to the Saturday classes. In its history KIM has served the needs of thousands students, with average annual attendance of around 150 families and 300 students.


Tae Kwon Do Presentation, 2nd KIM Festival Early KIM presentation

Historic photographs of KIM from the 1970s